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LETTER TO EDITOR: Liberals can also have deep morals and beliefs

I have thought long and hard about the letter written by Mr. Small last week. First, these are my opinions and not the opinions of the boards I serve. Second, I will defend your right to your opinion even if it is not the same as mine. I believe everyone has a right to their ideas.

It was easy to not show the President's speech in this area. He was not supported by the vote last fall. I think he should have given educators more time to evaluate his message than he did. The anti-Obama rhetoric is quite marked. It is unfortunate many people jumped to the conclusion it would be a policy speech and not a pep talk to inspire students to do well in their studies. I wish someone outside of my family had told me when I was young that hard work and following your dreams could make you a success - even if one lived in the trailer court. Many of the people in my school reminded me that was not likely for your type of people. Eventually, we moved from there.

I am uncertain what is meant by Christian values and beliefs. I know these people believed what they said. I know they considered themselves Christians. They believed people had their place.

It is said our country was founded on these beliefs. I do not know where in the Bible Jesus said it was o.k. to invade a country and take it from the people already there. The native peoples had their own communities and were doing quite well without the Christian invaders. This country was taken by force and disease. I guess that means the Christians had the better belief system. The irony to me is these great Christians did get venereal diseases from the locals and spread it to Europe and only makes me worry more about those values.

President Obama and his wife have been married and have two beautiful daughters. They seem to love each other. It was obvious he was loved by his mother and her family. He was encouraged to do well and if he worked hard enough he would succeed. He did. Isn't that the American dream? Are those poor values to share with the youth of our country?

Many times I have heard we should allow faith-based teaching in the schools. I am a Christian and do not believe that is where those ideas should be taught. I believe every denomination has enough differences with the next one we will never decide which one is right. I also respect not everyone believes as I and their children do not have to be subject to how my church views a topic. The world is such a rich array of people and ideas I do not want to force anybody to only one train of thought.

As a final thought it was wondered if Kevin would have let his children listen to President Bush 7 or 8 years ago. I cannot answer for him, but I would have let my children listen to President Bush. I believe the ideas of the President are important, even though I still do not believe everything George W. Bush did as a young man was of the highest moral character.

I hope this will enlighten people to the idea liberals can have deep moral beliefs, too.

Rachel K. Grieger, DDS

NY Mills