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Letter to the Editor: Marion Lake property owners turn in petition

On Oct. 9, members of the Concerned Marion Lake Property Owners presented their petition for referendum to the Otter Tail County Commissioners.

Throughout the course of the petition drive, it was apparent that our group was considered the opposition by the county and would not receive any beneficial information in regards to the petition.

Some of the information requested included:

-How many properties and signatures were needed to meet the 25-26 percent requirement for a referendum vote?

-Who are eligible to sign the petition?

-Would out of state property owners be eligible to sign the petition?

Without confirmation, we were forced to guess on the number of properties and signatures needed for the referendum petition. This was done by reading newspaper articles that maintained 140 properties were an "overwhelming majority," meaning our unofficial goal would be 75 properties to meet the 25-26 percent requirement. Signatures needed remain unknown at this time.

Realizing the amount of time it may take to certify the signatures and properties and the petition is now public information, it has been decided to release the unofficial results to the Marion Lake Land Owners.

Concerned citizens collected approximately 220 signatures from property owners, representing over 150 properties. We have until Oct. 21 to add more petitions to the total if you did not turn yours in yet.

A tip of the hat to all the property owners who supported the petition drive, along with the small group of individuals who worked to try to bring this issue back to the people.

Rick Snelgrove

Concerned Marion Lake Property Owners