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Letter to the Editor: Marion Lake residents urged to sign petition

As a longtime property owner in the Marion Lake Improvement District, I feel it is critical for all property owners to be allowed a vote.

It is now necessary to sign and return a petition so that a vote can be held. I urge all concerned to sign the petition so a legitimate vote can be held.

The earlier survey some people received has been misrepresented as a vote. A survey is not a vote in my way of thinking, and I never even received a survey.

The LID committee has already demonstrated the ability to impose their will upon property owners at any cost. We only have a small window of opportunity to stop the LID committee from taking full control.

LID members have already began disenfranchising what until recently has been an effective lake association. Take time to return a signed petition that calls for a vote!

Before we are all entered into a fully implemented LID - one loaded with appointed committee members who have shown that they will ignore any opposing voice of reason - let your own opinion be considered.

Now is the time to take action and let your own vote be counted. Sign the petition that calls for a referendum.

David Ross

New Brighton, MN