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Letter to the Editor: The 'most entitled' should pay their fair share

I was watching the news yesterday and there was a Texas rice farmer explaining how important the farm bill and crop insurance was to him. He explained that if he were to put in a crop and it failed (like because of drought), he could lose as much as $1 million (I assume that includes costs and profit) and in one year he would lose everything and would have to find another job. That farm bill also includes the hot lunch program, food stamps, etc.

It is still a vivid memory of mine, when about 50 years or more ago at least one member of the Kennedy family made a trip in the U.S. and there were kids with bloated stomachs because they did not have enough to eat and had an improper diet. Also, I remember that there were American people in WWII who were not allowed to get into "the fight" because of malnutrition. And I remember the bread lines of the '30s.

There has been talk about the poor and entitlements - you know, things like food and shelter. And when there are more jobs than people, you are going to have people without jobs and some of those people have little children.

But when you talk about entitlements, who feels more entitled than the top 1 percent, who have police, firemen, the armed services protecting them, their products, their families (entitled to the best health care), etc.? Someone taking care of the airports, roads and bridges that protect them, their families, and their products, places of business, etc. Yet some of them have had years where they paid no income taxes at all, and certainly not the same percent of income as a wage earner.

Did you know that for many years, even during the downslide of 2008, the rich have gotten richer each year? And what really is most important to business is the consumer! That's you! You hear it all the time: 'What is the consumer going to do?'

I don't have a solution to the gridlock, but I stand with the President and the Democrats - the most entitled should pay a fair percentage of their incomes to have added revenue to help pay off the debt.

The things Congress does should make sense. There was a letter in one of the local papers about how going over the fiscal cliff will affect local schools and the hot lunch program. I write these letters because I care about this country and its people.

Christopher McCrady

Dent, MN