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LETTER TO EDITOR: Murdock's role with funding questioned

Recently, I read an East Otter Tail Focus article crediting State Rep. Mark Murdock (and perhaps St. Patrick) with an 11th hour save of the Perham incinerator project in the bonding bill. The article explained how Rep. Murdock received a phone call from the Governor's office as final decisions were being made on gubernatorial line-item vetoes.

As Chair of the House Capital Investment Committee and author of the bonding bill (House File 2700), I would like to share some background on Rep. Murdock's role in getting the Perham incinerator project funded.

Rep. Murdock voted against the Perham project several times on the House Floor. The first time was on February 15th when he voted against passage of House File 2700. The second time was on February 22nd when he voted against the Conference Committee Report on House File 2700. The third time was on March 11th when he voted against re-passage of the Conference Committee Report on House File 2700. Each "nay" vote was a vote against funding for the Perham project. Frankly, if not for Senator Skogen's unwavering support and advocacy, the Perham project may not have landed on the Governor's desk at all.

I can only hope that Rep. Murdock has learned a valuable freshman lesson: it takes heavy lifting before you can truly claim credit for accomplishments at the Legislature.

In the end it may have been more of a twist of irony than a bit of Irish luck.

Alice Hausman

State Representative, 66B

Chair, House Capital

Investment Committee