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Letter to the editor: Not sold on technology

Another levy vote is scheduled for April 3 for the Perham School District. This levy, while said to be dedicated for technology and building repairs, continues to ask people to pay more when personal budgets are stretched to the limit.

Individuals and families have only so much income. Those on fixed incomes rarely have room for additional expenditures for themselves, much less extra taxes. Individuals and families can't go out and demand extra money for things we can't afford on our own.

An iPad for each student paid for by public taxes seems, to me, to be extravagant. They will be outdated within a year, as will most of the software because something new has been developed.

Once you start this process, there will be no end in sight for needing additional money to update hardware and software. That's in addition to replacing lost, stolen or damaged iPads. Even if they are insured, each claim could raise insurance costs for the school. Are safeguards in place to prevent random internet surfing by students on the iPads?

I question what additional things the general funds will be used for if this levy goes through, taking out the need for computers and building repairs.

If you disagree, you are within your right to do so. This is my opinion and I am entitled, by law, to express it. Hopefully that is still taught in school.

Perham School District, you need to live within your budget.