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LETTER TO EDITOR: NY Mills class takes political stance

To: U.S. Representative Collin Perterson, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator Al Franken, Minnesota State Governor Tim Pawlenty, and local state representatives and senators; on behalf of the majority responding New York Mills, MN graduated class of 1963 I am sending the following requests.

First, that a constitutional amendment be passed which disallows any and all deficit spending by our United States Government. We believe it is irresponsible to pass a huge and rapidly growing national debt on to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Second, that meaningful campaign finance reform be passed. We believe our government was intended to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Not of-by-and-for big business, Wall Street, and special interests. It's time to change the lobby-crazy system we now have. Influence should come from the majority of U.S. citizens, not just large donors and special interests.

This is not being directed at or intended for any one political party or individual. Nor is it directed at any specific legislation either in force or being considered, but rather to all legislative bodies and members responsible for managing (mismanaging) U.S. taxpayers' money, assets, and well-being. We urge you to communicate with the majority-if not all of your constituency, about these concerns as well as other high-priority issues facing our nation, state and local regions. Will you help? Happy holidays and a blessed Christmas.

Duane Dorow

President, New York Mills Class of '63

P. S. We do not want our Vikings to leave.