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Letter to the editor: Obama has it all wrong

Recently, President Obama, in a speech in a small Kansas town, laid out his

theme for next year's election. What he labels as fairness will make all of us

dependent on government, subject to onerous regulation, more heavily taxed, and poor.

He rejects "rugged individualism" as not workable (tell that to anyone who ever

worked a farm, built a house or business, supported a family, excelled in sports or arts)

and spurns lowering taxes as a means of spurring economic activity. Instead, his government will manage the economy and give large subsidies to his favorite groups. His wrongheaded belief is that universal welfare will lead to economic well being.

There is a basic flaw to Obama's obsession with income redistribution, as he demeans the fundamental elements of job and wealth creation. If we are all on welfare, where will the money come from, who will be creating these well paid jobs Obama plans to pass out,

why should any enterprising individual or groups risk offering or creating new products or services if the government will take away everything they earn?

In Obamaville, "fairness" will only exist if we all move up and down in unison, nobody getting more than what Obama calls a "fair" share. Who determines what's fair is the government.

In other words, people only move up in life through political manipulation, not from honest work and prudent management of their earnings.

So, what incentive will there be for creating jobs if the government redistributes the earnings to all, regardless of their efforts? No incentive to create jobs equals no jobs, no risk taking, no individual initiative.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, "sooner or later in a socialist society you

run out of other people's money."

It is clear that Obama has finally admitted to his socialistic vision for America. It can't work, as it is a re-run of the national deterioration and subjugation which have brought down other socialist nations such as the Soviet Union, enslaved Cuba and

China, and brought most of Europe to the brink of ruin.

Politics founded in envy and pitting one class against another is just repugnant to Americans.

Obama has chosen the wrong country for his schemes.