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Letter to the Editor: Perham needs Community Education

As a Community Ed teacher since the beginning of its startup in Minnesota, which occurred sometime in the middle or late '60s, I find it pretty sad that it is not offered in Perham.

Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to have taught in about 31 different school districts in the state, and have learned as much as I have taught. I began in the Anoka-Hennepin area.

It is not totally about learning to do something new, but is equally as important, or maybe even more so, to meet the needs of the people in various ways. Benefits of Community Ed classes include:

-Overcoming problems by occupying your mind and distracting you from dwelling on the bad. Examples could be illness or even loss of job;

-Getting to know new people, with whom you now have common ground, to begin communication - and it can branch out;

-Overcoming grief, as you can make things from your departed loved ones' clothes as memories to live on;

-A way to bounce back from depression problems. It gives you a sense of wellbeing to complete an item and be encouraged by others you meet;

-Spiritual enrichment - when you see the enthusiasm that can be generated by someone who has found something they can do when it seems like there is nothing;

-Transformation of attitudes from negative to positive with encouragement of others.

Right now I am teaching at six school districts in the area. You can't believe how many times I have been asked, "Why don't you teach in Perham?" Lets get the ball rolling so we can see that happen.

I try to keep my classes affordable and encourage all the schools to do the same so we can reach everyone budget-wise.

For me, I feel God has given me talents to share and I praise him for the blessing of doing it. I am happy for a full address book of the friends I have made during the past 40-plus years.

Jo Anne Flom

Perham, MN