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Letter to the Editor: Perham needs a place vets can call 'home'

Thanks to Thomas J. Huebsch for bringing concrete attention to a community need: VA certification for Perham Living so vets can remain closer to their families.

Huebsch has done a remarkable amount of groundwork to substantiate the logical reasons for this move toward VA certification.

Perham is a patriotic and caring community. Let's support this endeavor to further investigate and promote this worthy cause.

Katie Lundmark, Administrator of Perham Living, supports VA certification.

We have need of a facility, which Perham Living could provide. A place for the vets to call 'home.'

Home, family, community: three reasons for the vet's sacrifice. Let's support this effort and great opportunity.

Thank you to our veterans for helping to keep the freedom we enjoy.

Joan Schmitz

Perham, MN