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LETTER TO EDITOR: Perham youth's honesty suggests bright future

To the editor:

On January 12, at the Perham vs. Breckenridge and Pelican Rapids wrestling triangular we had a truly wonderful display of character that the readers of the East Otter Tail Focus should hear about.

Perham fifth grader, Anika Werner, found some money on the floor in the restroom. First she brought the money over to my wife in the concession stand and told her she had found it. My wife asked her to bring it to me at the announcer's table. So, Anika brings the money to me and says, "I found this, do you think you can find the owner?"

I took the money from her and made an announcement. "Anyone who lost some money this evening, if you can come to the scorer's table and tell me how much it is, I will give it to you."

The wrestling match probably lasted an hour after the announcement was made and nobody came to claim the money. So, at the end of the evening I gave the money to Anika's dad so he could give it to her (and he did!).

Congratulations Wayne and Kristi Werner. You certainly have done an outstanding job raising your daughter. It is character and honesty like this that needs to be leading every story we hear these days. These types of stories certainly get lost in the multitude of bad stories we get bombarded with every day.

Thanks Anika for being such a great example to all of us!

Brian Mort

PA Announcer, Perham Schools