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Letter to the Editor: The plans of the new majority

I have been reading numerous articles from reporters in Saint Paul about the plans, which the new liberal DFL members of the state legislature and their liberal governor Mark Dayton plan to enact after the first of the year.

Hold on to your wallets and purses, the government of Minnesota will be squeezing you in many ways.

Among the proposals from DFL legislative leaders and Dayton are the following:

-Massive increases in state personal income taxes and capital gains taxes.

-A reinstatement of the statewide education property tax to be added to local education property taxes.

-Expanding state sales taxes to cover goods and services currently exempted, including food and clothing.

-Higher local sales taxes to expand entitlement (giveaway) programs.

-Twenty billion in transit tax hikes.

-An increase of the gasoline taxes by 40 cents per gallon.

Now, aren't you happy that the voters are sending a new set of tax and spend Democrats to join our tax and spend governor?

Camilla Ryan

Fergus Falls, MN