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LETTER TO EDITOR: PMHH boss bids farewell; addresses rumors

To the editor:

As I leave PMHH, I want to sincerely thank the community that has treated me and my family so well for nearly 13 years. It has truly been an honor serving PMHH and this community.

The new hospital project is in the ground and going well. All of the footings for the entire building are complete and the pads are about one third done. The contractors are able to pour cement any day the temperature is above zero. So, after a week on the sidelines, they are back to work this week. The steel is being fabricated and painted off-site. It will arrive in early February.  You will start seeing the building come out of the ground later that month.

We began construction with the $5 million PMHH had set aside for the project. The remainder of the project will be financed with tax exempt gross revenue bonds.  Two bond companies are working together and will sell the bonds in early February. We should receive those funds mid-February.

Any time a CEO leaves, rumors abound. This time is no different. I would laugh at all the rumors, except if the community believes them, it could hurt the reputation of our community hospital. To help set the record straight, I want to reaffirm the community regarding these rumors - No, financing has not fallen through. Yes, all contractors have been paid to date. No, I am not leaving because there are problems at the hospital.

PMHH works very hard to be open and transparent, so if you hear rumors, please give any member of management a call to find out the real story.

There are incredible people at PMHH who are deeply committed to the patients, residents, and clients we serve. I am confident they will keep the organization going strong. I will deeply miss the wonderful people I have lived and worked with all these years.

I look forward to coming back and celebrating with all of you on opening day of the new hospital.

Thank you for the support you have given me these past 13 years!

Chuck Hofius

Chief Executive Offcer/Administrator,

Perham Memorial Hospital