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Letter to the Editor: Preserve early memories of life in Perham

I have read that history is best writ by those who've lived it.

Certainly Lina Belar and the history museum must be congratulated for illustrating the truth of that statement with their work at the "In Their Own Words" Veterans Museum. And Robert Riestenberg, as well, for his memoir. And the Rice children for their efforts to preserve George Young's, their grandfather's, history of early Perham.

I have tried to do one for my children describing my years in Perham from 1930 to the end of WWII. I would encourage any citizens of that era, while they still have memories, to do the same.

These years encompassing the Great Depression and WWII are among the most important in our nation's history, and of Perham's own growth and identity. A collage of such memories and impressions deposited in the county's historical files will provide a lasting portrait of the life of Perham during those important years.

Bob Pawlowski

Clearwater, FL

Perham Class of '48