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LETTER TO EDITOR: Questions taxpayer cost for Perham improvements

To the editor:

I see the Perham City council is considering redoing several streets, sewer, water and repaving in the next few years. Perhaps they should think of the tax increase. The residents cannot afford it in this economy.

We have sat here and watched heavy equipment over at the hospital every couple years, which is hard on the streets. So is ACS heavy equipment traversing third street all summer long. To charge us about $12,000 is ridiculous.

Let those who tear up the street pay for the new construction. My wife and I are both retired and cannot afford to pay for someone else's damage to the streets.

Maybe they can find a way to clean the streets and parking lots around the hospital, without dumping the snow on us. That I believe is illegal. But it has continued for years and years.

Sometimes the crew that does the hospital parking lots, pushes the snow into our driveway, all the way across the street. Sometimes they leave it in the street just outside our driveway and the city shoves it into our driveway. It doesn't matter, it is still illegal; not very humane or neighborly!!!

Marlowe Hahn