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Letter to the Editor: Ramifications of Ditch 25 plan affect us all

I have always taught my students that it is our elected representative's responsibility to support the interests of their voting constituency. Unfortunately, a recent Ditch 25 development has proven just the opposite. Power and money talks, even in the Perham area.

In 2007, the Little McDonald LID requested to vent their waters into Ditch 25, and their proposal was turned down. What has changed? The only conclusion is that Otter Tail County Commissioner Doug Huebsch has become their 'champion.'

As the property owners on Little McDonald, Paul and Kerb lakes are entitled to have their needs represented, so do the property owners on Berger and McDonald lakes. At the very least, and in all fairness, Commissioner Huebsch should have demanded that an independent Environmental Impact Study be conducted, especially when documentation came tolight that the project's depth calculations on Berger Lake were incorrect, the effects of the two basins and two sandbars on McDonald Lake were inaccurately and/or not addressed, and no measurements of the quality of water had beentaken on the Little McDonald outlet bay. Commissioner Huebsch decided to promote the 'wants' of some at the expense of the 'rights' of others in his constituency.

Granted, the Ditch 25 issue may not affect most of the readers of this newspaper, but its ramifications do. This time Commissioner Huebsch, by not demanding that an independent Environmental Impact Study be conducted, has thrown his consituents on Berger and McDonald lakes under the bus. The lack of foresight and fairness of this elected official may now have a negative environmental impact on generations to come. Will you be next?

As voters in the Perham area, this is something to think about in November.