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Letter to the Editor: Refuting McFeely

The Democrats must be getting desperate if they are calling on a Moorhead attack jock to dump on Rep. Mary Franson (guest editorial published in the Oct. 18 Focus). Mike McFeely's attack is petty, vicious and untrue.

McFeely misrepresents the GOP legislation as tax increases when they are in fact tax reductions. He calls the GOP legislation to hold Local Government Aid at a steady level from the previous year a "reduction." Must be Democrat math; if you ask for a 20 percent raise, and instead receive the same amount as last year, that is a cut? I expect that my children, when they were 10 or 11 years old, would think that way, but for those of us who live in the real world, such math doesn't work.

He faults Franson for attempting to stem the growth in welfare costs, flays her for sticking up for her constituents when members of her own party were slow to do the right thing.

Thank heaven she did those things, as she persuaded enough of them to her viewpoint that they managed to cut the $6 billion (that's billions, McFeely) deficit that Dan Skogen and his fellow Democrats left at the doorstep like a cow dropping and turn it into an almost billion dollar surplus.

There is not enough room here to refute all of McFeely's misinformation. But there is room for a one word evaluation of his attack on Mary Franson: bullfeathers!

Democrats, next time don't send a vain performer to bushwhack a courageous woman legislator.

Jerome Mullins

Fergus Falls, MN