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LETTER TO EDITOR: Santa Anonymous: the true spirit of giving

To the editor:

Many people say the true spirit of Christmas is in giving rather than receiving and that is what the Santa Anonymous program in New York Mills has been all about these past 25 years!

Your generosity of time and money has allowed volunteers to ensure theNew York Mills families in need have something under the tree and in the stockings for Christmas.

The boxes are in the New York Mills businesses and waiting for you to fill them with toys, clothing, books, games and toiletries. They will be picked up on Friday, Dec. 11.

Another great opportunity is the adoption of a family. You purchase and wrap the gifts to fit the individual family members and then bring them to the county office building on Monday, Dec.14. If you would be interested in adopting a family, please call 385-22109 or 385-3603. All information is kept confidential.

If you would be interested in wrapping on Monday, Dec. 14, please call the previously mentioned numbers. Times are 9 a.m. to noon and 3:30 to 6 p.m.

The Santa Anonymous Committee thanks everyone who supports this great effort.

NY Mills Santa

Anonymous Committee