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LETTER TO EDITOR: Is self-righteous letter writer without sin?

To the editor:

In regards to Mr. Hexum's unceasing self-righteous rants, and I may add this paper's unceasing publication of them apropos of Mr. Minge's pointed comments, Mr. Hexum would be wise to note: The most self-righteous individuals documented in the New Testament i.e. the pharisees and sadducees, were among the most roundly condemned by Jesus. "Beware of the leaven of the pharisees." Luke 12.1 Also "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Mat. 7.1.

Perhaps Mr. Hexum is attempting to make some brownie points in his church or to become the head Sunday school teacher there. Or perhaps Mr. Hexum considers himself without sin, i.e. of virgin birth. Needless to say, I doubt his miraculous coming upon us deserves the attention this paper is affording him on an ongoing basis.

John R. Kelsey