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Letter to the Editor: Should women's right to life be put to a vote?

If laws were passed forbidding doctors to save the lives of an ethnic group, there would be tremendous horror and outcry. Why isn't there any horror over the anti-women laws passed since 2010 that mandate letting women die?

H.R.1216 - Withhold federal funding for medical schools that teach D&C techniques because they can also be used for abortions (women can bleed to death without a D&C). Republicans voted 231 'yes'; Democrats, 181 'no.'

HR358 - Amend current law to let hospitals deny women an emergency life-saving abortion. Republicans, 236 'yes'; 170 Democrats 'no.'

H.R.3803 - No abortion after 20 weeks even to save the life of the mother. Republicans, 203 'yes'; Democrats, 148 'no.'

This is unbelievable hypocrisy from a party which professes limiting the reach of government.

Every Minnesota Republican member of the House (Kline, Paulsen, Bachmann, Cravaack) and Paul Ryan voted for these laws (Bachmann skipped HR358).

Why is there little news coverage of these savage laws passed by Congress? Or of the 1,100 abortion restrictions passed since 2010, which intrude horrifically in intimate family decisions and rights?

Don't listen to candidates of any party who tell you how good they are about women. Look at how they've voted or what they've said in the past, instead of what they are now spouting right before the election.

Your vote November 6th against these extremists could mean the life or death of you, your daughter, your granddaughter, your wife. And until moderate Republicans start speaking out, the religious right will continue to strangle a once proud and truly limited-government party.