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Letter to the editor: On the side of Hexum

I read the letter from Merle Hexum regarding elements of the outcome of your recent school levy referendum and effects those matters had on this and future elections.

A day or two later I re-read Mr. Hexum's letter as published in the Fergus Falls Journal. The latter was more detailed and gave references which support Hexum's claims.

For example, in the Journal, Mr. Hexum, as he did in your paper, called some levy

proponents "intolerant yuppies and elitist snobs," but your printed version omitted the reason he feels that way, when he explains their effort to get a skin of the teeth margin of voters to force the barely outvoted opponents to fund the supporters' liberal agenda, while employing tactics such as stealing opponents signage, limitation of polling places, and

demonizing opponents to the public as well as to the students. Your omission of Hexum's reasons for

his criticism could leave a distorted view of Hexum's statements and character.

Neither is it in acccordance with high journalistic standards of you to omit a reference to a radical speech made by the General Counsel of the NEA to a raucous crowd of NEA organizers

and leaders boasting of the NEA's ability and mission to be "the nation's leading advocates for ... liberal social and economic agenda." A full viewing of that video reveals the NEA to be first and foremost a radical union organized not to provide a quality education for our children, but to be manipulators of the political environment in achieving their radical


Does the Focus have a vested interest in protecting a teacher who chose to go behind the backs of the parents of her students and force her students to listen to presentations by members of controversial groups? If not, why did you omit Hexum's reference to this upsetting situation? Fairness? Or an attempt to manipulate the news by hiding mention of it?

I realize that Mr. Hexum is a fearless and passionate advocate for truth in the public square, and that is sometimes discomforting to those who want to hide the truth or who are unwilling to face it. But, that is no reason to quash his revelations. I hope that you will see fit to afford the same expression of information as the Fergus Falls Daily Journal gave to Merle Hexum.