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LETTER TO EDITOR: Supports Perham basketball program, coach

To the editor:

This letter is in regards to the article written about a few parents of players voicing frustration about the basketball program. 

I have known Coach Cresap for many years and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. He is the best coach that I have ever had the privilege of playing for and is one of the best coaches that I have ever seen in action. 

I have spent a lot of time around Coach Cresap and the basketball team during my winter breaks from school and during the summer months and consider Coach a friend.  Every interaction with his players is one built around a mutual respect between both parties.  He respects all of his players, and in return, he earns the respect of his athletes through his coaching style and coaching ability.  His players trust him and know that his decisions will be best for the team. 

Coach is intense and passionate for the game, which is something that may rub off on some people the wrong way.  He has done so much for this program in his years here and it is a shame that these allegations are being set forth. 

In regards to the issues surrounding playing time and playing younger players above older players, I have one word: VARSITY.  This is varsity basketball we are talking about.  As head coach, it is Coach C's job to put the best players on the floor, regardless of age.  If a sophomore is a better player than a junior, they should play. 

A high school head coach's job is to build a steady program and bring knowledge of the team to others through winning. 

Coach Cresap should be getting praised for the work he puts in for this program. 

Coaching styles are different for every coach and the fact is that Coach Cresap's coaching style works. 

He is one of the most respected coaches in the area and I was saddened when I read about this.  His players trust him and respect him.  Coach Cresap is doing a great job as head coach of this team and I know he will continue to do a great job for years to come. 

Evan Meece