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Letter to the Editor: 'Tax the rich more' was never the whole story

It is my belief that the present group in Washington has succeeded in raising taxes without raising taxes. I also believe that, in so doing, they have accomplished part of what they politically and socially intended.

Wow! That's getting pretty deep.

The constant campaign by the administration is 'tax the rich,' 'ask them to pay their fair share.' They don't have to. By printing more money they can tax everybody, and that's really what they intended all along.

Remember that early on the democrats wanted to tax everyone earning over $200,000, more. That got changed to millionaires and billionaires after they got a political whipping over it.

It didn't matter how the message went, I believe the plan all along was to print more money. More money to spend on social and green programs and to get more revenue by getting everyone they could taxed without calling it a tax.

As a result, all people - the rich, those Americans who deserve their fair share and the middle class - have lost the equity in their homes, much of their cash on hand, the value of their retirement accounts, and for many, the ownership of their homes.

What good does this do? Nothing!

It creates more people who are no longer financially independent, it makes them more dependent on government. That makes them more dependent on social programs. Dependent people tend to vote democrat more often.

The green initiative was and still is a failure. It created no jobs and no energy independence, but it did require more printed money (monopoly money) from Washington and that further devalued private wealth. That, in turn, will eventually cause more government dependency.

We've been had. 'Ask the rich to pay their fair share' was never intended at all. Squeezing everyone more was. But 'tax the rich more' sure makes a good campaign slogan and the politically far left stands a so-so chance of getting four more years. Can you handle that?

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids, MN