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Letter to the Editor: Taxpayers are not a bailout system

I would like to thank you and your staff for keeping myself and the rest of the citizens of Perham informed and amused on activities in our area.

I realize that I can no longer read your articles out loud for someone to hear - when I do this, people get a blank look on their face, their eyes start to roll back in their heads and they gasp with a loud and pronounced, "HUH?"

For example, last week in the paper, the article where the school board approved the purchase of Aesop (a substitute management system) for $8,000 with a monthly fee of $500 for teachers to request time off and substitutes to accept positions. HUH?? That's $14,000 for the first year - what leaky roof?

The ITOW is broke and cannot make their interest payments, with a $625,000 balloon payment approaching, and they will be closed for all of January for renovations. HUH??

The golf course can't make ends meet and looks for support from the city and more never-ending fundraising. HUH?? Well now, that was a total surprise no one saw coming.

The 100-year-old United Community bank is expanding with Tax Increment Financing. HUH?? I thought that was for non-compete businesses and to help with start-up businesses.

Any project or good idea that an individual or group comes up with, that they believe Perham needs or deserves, just go for it, but don't expect us, the Perham taxpayers, to bail it out when it flops.

Mike Wasche

Perham, MN