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Letter to the Editor: Thanks, moms

This is for the mothers out there - with your many skills, desires and love.

My mother performed all that comes with motherhood, but she enjoyed reading to me most of all.

Her love of verse and laughter still brings tears to her 75-year-old little boy.

A Poem for Mothers

I had a mother

who read to me,

of that Little Red Schoolhouse

and ships at sea.

Of Little Boy Blue

and the cows in the corn.

Of Hansel and Gretel,

who made the witch so warm.

The Village Blacksmith

'neith the spreading chestnut tree,

and "Casey at the Bat,"

Mom made dear to me.

No doubt we will all

have different childhood scenes,

some quite simple,

others for queens.

But, it really doesn't matter.

More privileged I

could never be;

I had a mother,

who read to me.