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LETTER TO EDITOR: Tireless volunteers at Perham youth center

To the editor

I have been meaning to write this for a few weeks now and apologize that it is a little delayed.

But I wanted to say that I think our community owes a debt of gratitude to Stew and Alanna Burns and their church, Northwoods Assembly.

I volunteered at Club 180 twice a month and witnessed firsthand the passion and dedication Stew and Alanna brought to the club. They stepped outside the walls of their church and reached out to the youth of our community, in particular those youth who were in need of a safe place to hang out after school and on weekend nights. For years they tirelessly gave of their time, energy, resources, and talents and that takes a rare and unique spirit, especially when you have the demands of a family and career pulling on you too. The challenge of recruiting volunteers was also a thankless task that often left Stew or Alanna or both running the place, giving up countless weekend nights.

I thank Stew and Alanna for their amazing example, as you helped show me what sacrifice and loving your neighbor truly looks like. You, as well as the other volunteers, blessed the lives of youth in our community.

The greatest thing we have to give is our time, and you gave that abundantly and unselfishly. Congratulations on a job well done and I look forward to what God has in store for the future.

I know Club 180 will be resurrected. What that looks like I do not know, but it will be exciting to see. 

God Bless,

Rob McNair

Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Calvary Lutheran Church