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Rural Perham murder: Pipe wrench reportedly used in brutal killing of mother, son

Letter to the editor: Upset with Perham-Dent School Board

In last week's paper the first thing you see is Santa waving and we are all reminded that, yes, it is that special time of the year, and then you start reading the article above Santa and BAM! Good feeling gone.

You start reading "make people suffer," "punishing the wrong people," and make it painful.

Then you have to realize these are comments made by our tax paid Perham-Dent School Board members, still upset because the vote did not go their way (for the fourth time).

I'm not sure when or if they will realize the majority of the voters do not like the direction the school is headed. It is easy to go with the flow and say yes - it takes courage to say no.

If someone on the school board would have had the courage to say "no" over the years, we would have a strong school today. If they would have said "no" to building more schools when graduating classes were bigger 30 years ago, "no" to spending about $150,000 to the PACC when we have three high school gyms, "no" we don't need more teachers (we need teachers that will teach more than minimum requirements), "no" we don't need to take away kids' deserts, we need to cut the dead wood.

So when you call the no voters dirt bags, drinkers, tell them to get out of town, and when you boycott their businesses and steal their property, maybe you should think twice about who the real problem is, because the only power the voters have is when we close the curtain and vote yes or no - that's it, and we said it four times. Is anyone listening?