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Letter to the Editor: A vote for Franson

I have been following the letters to your paper from the supporters of Mr. Cunniff of Alexandria, DFL candidate against our incumbent State Representative Mary Franson.

The letters emphasize Mr. Cunniff's career as a teacher and coach, and submit that these things assure us that he will be a good representative in St. Paul.

I know Mary Franson, and know of her success in starting up a business, enduring the burdensome regulations imposed by Mr. Cunniff's DFL legislators and bureaucrats, her subsequent offering herself to the people of her district to represent them in St. Paul, and her salutary victory in that race.

And I know her to be a courageous defender of her constituents' economic and personal liberties.

I now how she almost single-handedly exposed the efforts of the government employee unions to wrest control of daycare facilities from the small business operators who care for our children while their parents work. I heard the vicious attacks by those unions against Mary Franson because her efforts thwarted the union power grab of childcare, and the drastic cost increases for parents had the unions succeeded.

And, I know that the same DFL which supports Mr. Cunniff will coerce him to bend to their will if he is elected and replaces Mary Franson in the state legislature.

You have the opportunity to re-elect Mary Franson to stick up for working families. Why would you choose her DFL opponent to do the dirty work of the union bosses?

Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls, MN