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Letter to the Editor: Who pays fines for birds killed by wind farms?

In October, 500 tiny Warblers lay dead at the Laurel Mountain Wind Farm near Elkins, West Virginia. This was the largest bird kill to occur at a wind farm, but not the first.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wind turbines kill more than 400,000 birds a year. Included in that figure are approximately 67 golden eagles. All in the name of green energy. 

President Obama and his administration are putting plans in place to build more. Some of these new ones will be built in the ocean - look out ducks and sea birds.

This administration will not allow us to drill for oil and natural gas on public land, or off the coast of the U.S. because we might harm the environment or disrupt the wild life. But it's alright to kill over 400,000 birds a year with wind turbines in the name of green energy.

I have a question: Where are the fines for killing 400,000 birds a year? Has anybody paid any fines for this slaughter?

An eagle kills my domestic livestock, I kill it, and the fine is $10,000, plus lawyer's fees.

We can't drill for oil on public land because of a small snail or because we might disrupt the caribou. But we can pay over $3.75 per gallon for gas.

Now, don't blame the Obama administration for any of this. Remember, it's all Bush's fault.