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Letter to the Editor: Why don't all seniors get free fishing licenses?

With the fishing license renewal date fast approaching, did you know that if you are 90 years of age or older you can get a free fishing license in the state of Minnesota?

My question to all is, why 90?

How many people 90 and older go fishing? I doubt if there are many as they would have difficulty getting into a boat.

Why does the DNR not lower the free fishing license to ages 65 and older? Many states do. I know that it would lower the amount of revenue the DNR would receive. But, if the DNR has money (millions) to purchase land for more parks, then they should be able to allow those 65 and older to receive a free fishing license. After all, they have paid their dues.

I put out a petition in eight towns in Otter Tail County and received 850 signatures in favor of reducing the age limit. These signatures have been submitted to Rep. Mark Murdock for his disposition as he is in favor of the idea.

If you agree that the age to receive a free fishing license in Minnesota should be age 65 or above, please contact your Congressional representatives.