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LETTER TO EDITOR: Will the PACC be supported by the levy?

Another year, another Perham School levy vote.

You can't pick up the paper without seeing something about the school and how the school board and groups are coming up with ways to save money. All we hear is how our school doesn't have programs like other schools.

One thing we do have which no one hears about is a $150,000 per year membership to the Perham community center, which is $16,667 per month.

This makes no sense to me.

We have three schools which have three gymnasiums. We the tax payers pay for the heat and lights whether they are used or not. The kids go over to the PACC to run the track and lift weights.

Can't they do that in the school gym without leaving the school property?

I agree our children's education is important and am in no way anti-school, but I do believe there is still room for some budget cuts. In ten years the PACC membership is $1,500.

That's $500,000 more than the original levy.

Are we supporting the school or the PACC?

Mike Wasche