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LETTER: Organizations commended for 'adopting highways'

This May marks the 20th anniversary of Minnesota's Adopt a Highway program. In west central Minnesota, 126 groups have been a part of the program since 1990, including:

• United Methodist Church - Vergas

• Perham Lions Club

• Bluffton Lions Club

• Perham Rotary Club

• American Legion Post #148 & Auxiliary

• Vergas Lions Club

• New York Mills Lions Club

• United Methodist Church - Dent

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to every one of our volunteers-they are the real heroes of public service. Every year they pick up tons of litter from state highways. The work is hard, never ending and frequently thankless. Mn/DOT is very proud of your dedication and commitment to keeping our roadsides clean. The next time you pass a group of volunteers picking up litter, give them a thumbs-up.

So far in 2010, 15 new groups have adopted state highway segments in west central Minnesota. I encourage you to consider this rewarding opportunity and organize a group of volunteers to adopt a segment of your own.

For more information about adopting a state highway segment in west central Minnesota, contact Marieen Anderson at 320-208-7002.

Lee H. Berget, District Engineer

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Detroit Lakes/Morris

1000 Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes