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Lovin' Life Baby Contest winners

First place winner James Keller, son of Matt and Sarah Keller of Kenyon, Minn. Submitted photo1 / 3
Second place winner Aaron Januszewski, son of Ryan and Leah Januszewski of Hewitt, Minn. Submitted photo2 / 3
Third place winner Oakley Hunter, son of Adam and Allison Hunter of Perham. Submitted photo3 / 3

The Perham Area chapter of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life had 20 babies entered in the 19th annual Lovin' Life Baby Contest at the East Otter Tail County Fair this year. All babies were born in 2011.

Family, friends and community members visited the group's display at the fair to vote for their favorite babies.

The results were as follows.

-First place: James Keller, son of Matt and Sarah Keller, Kenyon, Minn. James received a check from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life for $25.

-Second place: Aaron Januszewski, son of Ryan and Leah Januszewski, Hewitt, Minn. Aaron received $15. 

-Third place: Oakley Hunter, son of Adam and Allison Hunter, Perham. Oakley received $10.

Other entrants were: Isaiah Weatherhead, son of John Heinonen and Lily Weatherhead, Perham; Connor Braddock, son of Chris and Amy Braddock, Perham; Kira Bowers, daughter of Dillan Bowers and Stormi Jovaniovich, Perham; Sullivan Hendrickson, son of Ryan and Jen Hundrickson, Perham; Jordyn Irwin, daughter of Jake Baker and Jessica Irwin, Perham; Brynn Guck, daughter of Ryan and Nicole, Perham; George Sazama, son of Casey and Samantha Sazama, Dent; Talon Schmitz, son of Jason and Jennifer Schmitz, Perham; Liam Wasche, son of Nick Wasche and Kayla Cummings, Perham; Aurora Kawlawski, daughter of Jesse and Gwen Kawlawski, Perham; August Doll, son of Philip and Maggy Doll, Perham; Angela Meyer, daughter of Chris and Sarah Meyer, Coppell, Tex.; Michael Kratzke, son of J.J. and Michele Kratzke, Dent; Paisley Rapatt, daughter of Travis and Ashley Rapatt, New York Mills; Klara Huebsch, daughter or Cordell and Kris Huebsch, New York Mills; and Kaislyn Drewes, daughter of Darin and Tina Drewes, Perham.

 Fairgoers stopped to view the display, which featured the contestant's photos, Pro-Life literature and more. Many signed a petition urging the state's legislators to ban the use of RU-486 (also called mifepristone, a synthetic steroid compound used as an abortifacient in the first months of pregnancy).

Organizers thank all those who stopped by the display and signed the petition, as well as the volunteers who donated their time to set up and run the booth, and the parents and grandparents who entered babies into the contest.

Photos were picked up and dropped off at Photo Magic.