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Making a sport of eating

Dustin Jarshaw takes on the food challenge at The Cactus Saturday morning. Jarshaw traveled from Thief River Falls, Minn., with the hopes of taking on three eating challenges throughout the day. He made it through one and a half, but vowed to return to take on the Zorbaz challenge.1 / 2
Jarshaw checks the 'conquered' category at The Cactus.2 / 2

Dustin Jarshaw likes to eat - big time.

His passion for snacking prompted him and a friend to travel from Thief River Falls, Minn. Saturday to take on the Perham Eating Challenge.

Jarshaw set out with a pretty steep goal: Throughout the course of the day, he intended to take on the food challenges at The Cactus, Mulligan's and Zorbaz.

The day began at around 11 a.m. Surrounded by a group of spectators, Jarshaw began his journey through a steak, a stack of ribs, a bowl of pasta and a hefty burrito. In 18 minutes, Jarshaw had taken down the meal, leaving hardly a mess behind.

"I feel like I just announced my candidacy for president," he said midway through his feast, referring to the flashing cameras and crowd gathered around him.

Jarshaw said he regularly takes on eating challenges, but they tend to be of the burger variety. He didn't anticipate the quest he was setting out to conquer.

He was told of the Perham challenge and was directed to the Chamber's website.

He only made it half way through the Mulligan's challenge later in the day and decided to visit Zorbaz for dessert: a big brew.

While he wasn't able to fully conquer his three-a-day food challenge, he said he'd be back in February for the Freeze Fest Polar Plunge, at which point he'll take on the Zorbaz challenge.