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Minnesota Precinct Caucus Results

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Perham,Minnesota 56573
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Minnesota Precinct Caucus Results
Perham Minnesota 222 2nd Avenue SE 56573

Precinct caucus returns

Secretary of state's office

Returns from Tuesday's Minnesota precinct caucus presidential vote:


Barack Obama, 137,122 (67 percent)

Hillary Clinton, 65,676 (32 percent)

Others, uncommitted, 2,912 (1 percent)

Percent precincts reporting: 82


Mitt Romney, 25,702 (42 percent)

John McCain, 12,552 (22 percent)

Mike Huckabee, 12,322 (20 percent)

Ron Paul, 9,717 (16 percent)

Others, 638 (1 percent)

Percent precincts reporting: 84


-- Democratic results determine how delegates vote at the party's national convention, but exact delegate counts have not been calculated

-- Republican results are not binding

-- Percentages may not equal 100 percent due to rounding

Source: Minnesota secretary of state