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New drawing shows possible layout for city garage

This drawing by BHH Partners, Planners and Architects shows what the future public works facility may look like. Submitted image

A rough drawing released last week reveals what Perham’s future public works facility and its surrounding grounds might look like.

Created by BHH Partners, Planners and Architects of Perham, the drawing shows the likely layout of the property, including the location of the new city garage, the main inlet/outlet for truck traffic, ‘buffer’ areas and more.

It also shows the kinds of properties that would surround the facility, including some light industrial lots (in blue), multi-unit residential properties (yellow, pink and orange) and a few single family homes (light orange).

The drawing was shared at a Committee of the Whole meeting last Wednesday, to give city leaders an idea of what the new facility might look like. It is not a final plan.

The drawing shows the facility in an area city leaders are referring to as ‘East Park,’ a location that lies just north of 3rd Street NE, between 7th and 9th Avenues NE – an area that abuts a few homes on its west end but is otherwise open.

The city owns a total of 40 acres in this area. Of those, 11.8 acres would be used for the new city garage. The drawing shows that additional acreage south and east of the proposed garage site would be platted and zoned light industrial. Lots west and north of the site would be residential, open to either single-family or, more frequently, multi-family dwellings.

The tentative plan calls for a 5-foot earthen berm along the western side of the property, with trees planted on top of that, to act as a buffer between the city garage and nearby homes. More trees would be planted as a buffer, but not on a berm, along the northern end. The southern and eastern sides, which would abut light industrial properties, are open.

The garage would lie near the middle of the property, with plenty of green space surrounding it. An inlet/outlet would provide truck access from 9th Avenue NE, with a secondary, public access off 5th Street NE.

The plan seemed to get a positive reception from city councilors.

 Looking at the drawing on Wednesday, Perham Mayor Tim Meehl said, “In my opinion, it looks really good.”

“It’s very functional,” said Councilor James Johnson.

If the plan is adopted by the city council, it will likely be a long-term solution for expansion of the city’s industrial park. The light industrial lots around the city garage would be of various sizes, to serve a variety of purposes.

No cost estimate has been given for the project as proposed. Councilors will continue to discuss the matter at future meetings.

Also at the Committee of the Whole meeting:

-City Engineer Jade Berube said work remaining on the southwest side of town following last summer’s major infrastructure project should be complete within two to three weeks, weather permitting. Crews planned to wrap up the project with a few finishing touches, such as sidewalks and sod. The bulk of the work was completed last fall.

-Building Official Dave Neisen said that, “now that the snow is gone, it’s a good clean-up time.” He expressed his wish that Perham property owners clean up their yards soon, “rather than waiting for city workers to go around and tell them they have to do it.”

Marie Johnson

Marie Johnson joined the Detroit Lakes Tribune in November 2017 after several years of writing and editing at the Perham Focus. She lives in rural Frazee with her husband, Dan, their young son and daughter, and their yellow Lab.

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