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New York Mills Old Timers Softball league begins June 3

New York Mills Old Timers Softball

Ages: 50+

When: Begin Date: JUNE 3

Where: New York Mills Lund Park

Time: Batting practice at 6 p.m.; Scrimmage starts at 7 p.m.

Day: Scrimmage and practice on Tuesdays; rain outs on Wednesdays

Games will be played againstDetroit Lakes, Calloway, Perham, Lund’s Boat, and teams from the Wadena League this year. (Game nights will vary)

Scrimmage days, games and rainouts will be announced on the radio (KWAD).

For more information:

Contact: Ron Ehnert 385-2016

Dave Kahl 385-3176

Dean Trosdahl 731-9308

Last year, the team had 18 guys on the roster with the oldest player age 72 (Pinch runners are allowed).

"You don't quit playing when you grow old; you grow old when you quit playing”