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Nursing home residents mourn loss of Lucky

Lucky, in a photo taken about one year ago.

Residents at Perham Living are mourning their faithful, four-legged friend, Lucky.

After 11 years of providing love and comfort at the nursing home, the mixed-breed black dog passed away last week.

Lucky was adopted as the facility's pet in 2000 after being abandoned and taken into a local veterinarian's office. She took on her new role well, becoming a beloved addition to the nursing home. Residents would give Lucky treats and pats, and she would give them a good dose of puppy love in return.

In a story about Lucky written last year, Dorothy Weickert, the wife of a resident, was quoted as saying, "Lucky is a major part of this organization... She makes it like home."

Perham Living will be holding a memorial service for Lucky on Friday, May 4 at 1:30 p.m. in the Perham Living Chapel. The program will allow residents to remember and reminisce about Lucky's time with them. Members of the public who felt a connection to Lucky are also invited to attend.

Karen Laughlin, Life Enhancement Coordinator at Perham Living, said Dr. Bill Rose and the staff at Lakeland Vet, "have been absolutely wonderful helping us to care for her."