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NYM Wrestling: Mills gets two wins at Eagle Valley Triangular

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On Feb. 9, Mills went to Clarissa for the Eagle Valley Triangular with Browerville/Eagle Valley and United North Central.

The Eagles swept the triangular, beating PRC champs B/EV, 42-32, and UNC, 57-9.


The wins gave Mills a perfect 7-0 record against PRC teams in dual matches this season.

"Against Browerville we filled our line-up for the first time and all of our wrestlers found a way to contribute," head coach Eric Niemi said. "That's what we will need in the section tournament."

Tuesday, February 9

Eagle Valley Triangular

NYM 42, Browerville/EV 32

103--Shane Novak (NYM), W-FF

112--Shamp (BEV) def. Tommy Selander, 7-2

119--Borchert (BEV) def. Josh Bernu, fall 1:49

125--Maison Roberts (NYM) def. Irsfeld, fall :36

130--Michael Meyer (NYM) def. Kent, fall 3:01

135--Jordan Novak (NYM) def. Sadlo, fall :56

140--Schettler (BEV) def. Peter Stark, 6-2

145--Seth Hofland (NYM) def. Middendorf, fall 2:55

152--Becker (BEV) def. Max Carlson, fall 1:25

160--Kalina (BEV) def. Noah Pesola, 11-2

171--Butler (BEV) def. Tyler Patron, 12-3

189--Bollin (BEV) def. Dylan Curtis, fall 3:18

215--Jarrod Norton (NYM) def. Irbel, fall 1:52

HWT--Saewert (NYM) def. Pateka, fall 1:11

NYM 57, United North Central 9

103--S. Novak (NYM) def. Tellers, TF 17-2

112--Selander (NYM) def. Benson, fall 1:25

119--Malone (UNC) def. Bernu, 5-2

125--Roberts (NYM) def. Skaro, fall 3:32

130--Meyer (NYM) def. Pajari, fall 1:08

135--J. Novak (NYM) def. Johnson, fall 1:27

140--Aho (UNC) def. Stark, 5-0

145--Hofland (NYM), W-FF

152--Carlson (NYM) def. Huttunen, 5-3

160--Pesola (NYM) def. Carlson, 7-0

171--Meech (UNC) def. Patron, 7-3

189--Curtis (NYM) def. Brockpahler, fall 5:37

215--Norton (NYM), W-FF

HWT--Saewert (NYM) def. Vasey, 8-0

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