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Perham Health to hold open house, doors open Jan. 9

News Perham,Minnesota 56573
Perham Focus
Perham Health to hold open house, doors open Jan. 9
Perham Minnesota 222 2nd Avenue SE 56573

Perham Health will begin serving patients in its newly constructed hospital and clinic facility on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. Construction on the 120,000 sq. ft. facility began in November of 2009.

Community members may tour the new facility on Sunday, Dec. 11 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hospital employees will lead tours, a keepsake tour guidebook will be available and refreshments will be served.

"The new hospital allows us to serve patients in a facility that promotes patient and family-centered care, supports patient privacy and encourages healing," said Chuck Hofius, CEO of Perham Health. "We're excited that the building design will also better equip our staff with the tools they need to care for patients."

Employees will get their first glimpse at the completed facility on Wednesday, Dec. 7. A systematic transition to the new building will occur in early January with all services open at 8 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 9.

The new facility will alleviate high noise levels, privacy concerns and space shortages. Before construction began, a team of community members, employees and board members conducted an extensive study and visited nine newly constructed or remodeled facilities in the Midwest.

"Perham and the surrounding communities were in great need of a modernized health care facility," said Hofius. "The old hospital was more than 50 years old with outdated utilities, infrastructure, and patient and exam rooms."

Four overriding goals drove the design of the physical space: supporting patient and family-centered care, planning for future growth, providing efficiency and support for caregivers, and utilizing sustainable materials.

The new facility includes family rooms, private consultation rooms, a family resource center, a family kitchen, a meditation chapel and outdoor gardens. The size of patient rooms has been expanded to allow for a fold out couch, recliner and storage unit for family members staying with patients.

"Our desire at Perham Health is to deliver patient and family-centered care. We have developed operational procedures that follow this model of care, but the design of the new building will allow us to fully integrate care that keeps the best interest of the patient and family in mind," added Hofius.

Every department in the new hospital can accommodate a minimum of 25 percent growth in volume and can also be expanded if needed to accommodate more patients and add new services.

Designers paid close attention to the building materials, design and artwork selected for the facility. Steps were taken to make the building energy efficient and environmentally friendly products were used to ensure high standards of indoor air quality.

The incorporation of natural elements was essential to the design of the facility, as well. Natural light, wood, water and vegetation are predominant architectural and design features. A central atrium brings in natural light, the number one environmental factor in patient healing, while artwork from local artists showcases landscapes and vegetation to create a beautiful and peaceful environment.

"We will utilize the advancements of the new facility, but we won't stop striving to be better. The dedication to delivering the best health care possible began almost 110 years ago and we will carry that vision into the future," said Hofius.

For more information about the building process, open houses or hospital operations, contact Sue Von Ruden at 218-347-1304 or