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Reiki holistic healing now offered in Perham

The Japanese holistic healing technique of reiki is now being offered at the Perham Area Community Center.

Tiffany Van Watermulen describes reiki (pronounced RAY-key) as a method of “harnessing the universal energy and using that to heal.”

As a level one reiki practitioner, Van Watermulen will offer in-office and in-home sessions to relieve stress and enhance healing and relaxation.

Reiki sessions are given by the practitioner laying his or her hands in various positions on the client. It is somewhat similar to a massage, with the client lying clothed on a padded table.

“I sense the energy and heat… it’s an intuition,” Van Watermulen said. “What I do, instead of doing specific hand positions, is I kind of feel where there’s a lot of heat coming from the client.”

That hot spot is the energy block which Van Watermulen then works to remove in order to restore the body’s proper energy flow.

“Reiki goes into your body and it really knows what needs help,” she explained. “I’m not the one who is the healer – it’s the energy. I’m just directing it.”

“I really want people to know how beneficial it is and for people to be open-minded about trying it,” Van Watermulen said. “You really don’t have anything to lose. It’s holistic. It’s good for you in your mind, physical body, spiritually and in your soul.”

Van Watermulen will be available for appointments on weekdays with hours similar to the PACC. Some weekend appointments may also be available on request.

To schedule an appointment at the PACC, call 346-7222, or call 218-457-0899 to schedule an in-home session.