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Revolve Tour builds faith and self esteem in Perham girls

Photo courtesy of Thru Him Photography Thirty teenage girls from the Perham area went to Omaha, Neb. on April 21 to participate in the Revolve Tour for girls. The teens said the Women of Faith event was inspirational for them.1 / 2
Photos courtesy of Thru Him Photography A tour chaperone, Heidi Studer, and her daughter Alyssa Studer.2 / 2

Thirty Perham teen girls participated in "Dream On: The Revolve Tour for Girls Only" in Omaha, Neb. on April 21.

"I loved it," said Alyssa Graphenteen. And the rest of the girls quickly agreed.

Some of the girls shared their experience in an interview at the Perham High School last week.

This non-denominational Women of Faith event offered inspiration through songs, drama and speeches with encouraging messages to build girls' self esteem and faith.

Mari Streeke, a 19-year-old chaperone, summed up the main message of the tour: Sometimes teenage girls' self esteem revolves around guys, but girls "don't need guys to fulfill those needs in their life."

"It puts stuff in perspective," chaperone Heidi Studer said, whose daughter Alyssa went on the trip, too.

During the Saturday event, singers like Jason Castro, an American Idol star, and Jamie Grace were favorites among the Perham girls.

One song from Grace inspired a T-shirt design for the group. It will display the following message: "God girl: I'm a treasure not a target."

Lizzie Fudge, who has gone to 'girls only' retreats with her mom in the past, said it was different going with a busload of girls. She said it was powerful because, "you felt like you were connected."

Fudge said that during the bus ride back the girls took turns talking about what they learned, how their faith has grown and how they would use the Revolve Tour message in their lives - such as by following the daily challenge posted on Katie Howey's facebook page.

The Revolve Tour for girls began in 2005 in response to requests from the Women's Retreats to offer something for teenage girls. Studer said Women of Faith might expand the retreats to include 'boys only' events in the future.

The Revolve Tour was the first time this particular group of girls has joined up, and now they refer to themselves as Teen Girls in Faith.

The next planned event is for National Day of Prayer, around the flagpole in front of the high school on Thursday at 7:30 a.m.

They also have plans in the works to do a girls only lock in, a sleep over, at a local church.

"We are going back," they said. And next time with three buses full of girls.