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Senior Tina Scheidecker was named the most valuable player of the 2013-14 Perham girls basketball team. Robert Williams/FOCUS

Scheidecker named team MVP at girls basketball awards ceremony

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Scheidecker named team MVP at girls basketball awards ceremony
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The Perham girls basketball team announced end of season awards at the team banquet Monday night. 

Tina Scheidecker was named the team's most valuable player.



Team MVP- Tina Scheidecker

Take Charge (Defensive)- Maria Rutten

Offensive- Analea Erickson

Jacket Award- Brittany Miller

Statistical Awards

Most Points- Analea Erickson

Most Rebounds- Ella Von Ruden

Most Assists- Brittany Miller

Most Steals- Tina Scheidecker

Most Charges Taken- Sydney Roberts

Highest FG%- Ella Von Ruden

Highest FT%- Tina Scheidecker

Highest 3 PT%- Brittany Miller

Note: Maria Rutten was ranked second or third in all eight categories.

Junior Varsity

Team MVP- Michaela Sondag

Take Charge- Marina Reese

Offensive- Josie Beachy

Jacket Award- Amy Nordick


Team MVP- Serena Langen

Take Charge- Amber Thompson

Offensive- Janie Wunderlich

Jacket Award- Sarah Herrmann