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Swimming: Yellowjackets third at Mid-State Conference Championship

Mark Murphy was a part of four top-10 finishes at the Mid-State Conference championship meet. Kim Jordahl/FOCUS

A dominant Lakers team from Detroit Lakes swam away with the Mid-State Conference Championship at Park Rapids Friday. Perham finished in third place. The host Panthers placed second.

Jayden Cullen led the way for Perham taking home a conference title in the 500-yard freestyle. His time of 5:19.75 was over five seconds faster than DL's Brandon Olson in second, 5:25.05.

Cullen earned all-conference honors for the event win and also finished third in the 200-freestyle.

Cullen was also a member of two third place relay finishes.

"The boys had some great times," Head Coach Sheri Ressler said. "I am very proud of them and looking forward to Sections."

Zach Langendorfer earned all-conference honorable mention honors for two runner-up finishes.

Langendorfer finished second in the 200-yard I.M. and the 100-yard breaststroke.

DL's Quillan Oak won the breaststroke as the only swimmer under one minute. His finishing time of 59.69 was the only better time than Langendorfer's 1:06.32.

Langendorfer was also a member of two third place relay teams.

Carter Krengel, of DL, won the 200-I.M. in 2:11.65. Langendorfer's second place time was 2:15.57.

The 200-freestyle relay team (Matt Shipman, Mark Murphy, Langendorfer and Cullen) finished third in 1:39.10. Park Rapids narrowly defeated DL for the title. The two teams finished within 31 hundredths of each other. Park Rapids won in 1:37.04, just ahead of DL's 1:37.35.

In the 400-freestyle relay team (Shipman, Chad Hofland, Ben Sullivan and Cullen) were in a tight race for runners-up. DL's team won the event in 3:29.97.

The Yellowjackets quartet battled Park Rapids for second place. The Panthers nipped Perham finishing in 3:43.55 to the Jackets' 3:44.66.

Perham opened the meet with the first of three third place relay finishes in the 200-medley.

Paul Swanson, Langendorfer, Randy Swanson and Hofland combined for a time of 1:56.13. DL won the event in 1:46.42.

The Lakers won nine of 12 events. Park Rapids took titles in two, including diving, the only event without a Yellowjacket participant.

Cullen's 500-freestyle victory was the only event title for Perham.

Team scores finalized with the Lakers taking the conference title handily with 478 points. Park Rapids accumulated 410 to Perham's 355.

Matt Shipman added some valuable Yellowjacket points with a third place finish in the 100-freestyle and a fourth place in the 50-freestyle.

The trio of Swansons put their mark on the 100-butterfly and the 100-backstroke.

In the butterfly, Randy and Paul Swanson finished third and fourth, while Curtis Swanson was just back in seventh.

The trio finished fourth through sixth in the backstroke, all within four seconds of each other.

Perham results:

Perham at Mid-State Conference Championshops, Park Rapids, Friday, Feb. 10.

Detroit Lakes 478, Park Rapids 419, Perham 355.

Jacket event results --

200-yard medley relay: 3. Perham A (Paul Swanson, Zach Langendorfer, Randy Swanson, Chad Hofland 1:56.13; 6. Perham B (Kevin Thompson, Mark Murphy, Curtis Swanson, Troy Brown) 2:06.70.

200 freestyle: 3. Jayden Cullen 1:58.49; 5. Ben Sullivan 2:09.43; 7. Kevin Thompson 2:10.86; 10. Todd Brown 2:12.95.

200 IM: 2. Langendorfer 2:15.57; 6. Mark Murphy 2:29.94; 7. Leighton Covington 2:32.23; 8. C. Hofland 2:32.64;.

50 freestyle: 4. Matt Shipman 24.08; 8. Troy Brown 27.22; 11. Jonathon Siira 29.07; 12. Austin Gray 31.28.

100 butterfly: 3. Randy. Swanson 1:02.51; 4. Paul Swanson 1:05.00; 7. Curtis Swanson 1:09.74; 12. Todd Brown 1:15.32.

100 freestyle: 3. Matt Shipman 53.46; 10. Troy Brown 1:01.34; 11. Andrew Cullen 1:04.64.

500 freestyle: 1. Jayden Cullen 5:19.75; 4. Chad Hofland 5:48.86; 5. Ben Sullivan 5:56.68; 98. Jonathon Siira 6:10.22.

200 freestyle relay: 3. Perham A (M. Shipman, M. Murphy, Z. Langendorfer, J. Cullen) 1:39.10; 6. Perham B (B. Sullivan, Tr. Brown, L. Covington, J. Siira) 1:51.73.

100 backstroke: 4. Paul Swanson 1:06.92; 5. Randy Swanson 1:09.78; 6. Curtis Swanson 1:10.83; 9. K. Thompson 1:13.01.

100 breaststroke: 2. Z. Langendorfer 1:06.32; 9. M. Murphy 1:15.82; 10. L. Covington 1:16.87; 12. A. Eggert 1:27.94.

400 freestyle relay: 3. Perham A (M. Shipman, Hofland, Sullivan, J. Cullen) 3:44.66; 6. Perham B (R. Swanson, K. Thompson, P. Swanson, Todd Brown) 4:05.40.

Jackets end regular season with victory

The Perham swimming and diving team ended their regular season with a blowout victory at Thief River Falls 102-68.

The Yellowjackets won seven events, including the top two spots in four events.

Matt Shipman won both freestyle sprints taking the 50-yard in 24.39 and the 100-yard in 55.18.

Zach Langendorfer, Chad Hofland and Todd Brown finished 1-2-3 in the 200-yard freestyle in times of 2:05.07, 2:07.07 and 2:13.38 respectively. Kevin Thompson finished fifth in 2:13.40.

Freestyle dominance continued in the 200-yard relay. Both Perham teams finished first and second two and one-half seconds apart, 1:50.41 and 1:52.87.

Langendorfer and Mark Murphy took the top two spots in the 100-breaststroke. Langendorfer won the event, 1:07.91. Murphy's time was 1:16.31.

The fourth event sweep came in the relays, as well. The top two Perham 400-yard teams finished first and second, 3:48.92 and 4:01.84.

Perham's seventh event winner was Jayden Cullen who won the 100-backstroke in a time of 1:04.61.

Perham results:

Perham at Thief River Falls, Monday, Feb. 6.

Perham 102, Thief River Falls 68.


Event 1 Varsty Men 200 Yard Medley Relay

1 Thief River Falls Prowlers A 1:54.70; 2. Perham Yellowjackets-B 1:47.87; 3 Perham Yellowjackets-C 2:07.57; 4 Thief River Falls Prowlers-C 2:09.20; 5 Perham Yellowjackets-C 2:25.14.

Event 2 Varsity Men 200 Yard Freestyle

1 Langendorfer, Zach 2:05.07; 2 Hofland, Chad 2:07.07; 3 Brown, Todd x2:13.38; 5 Thompson, Kevin x2:13.40; 7 Gray, Austin 2:29.03.

Event 2 JV 200 Freestyle

1 Hurley, Keeghan 1:56.47

Event 3 Men 200 Yard IM

2 Murphy, Mark 2:29.86; 3 Covington, Leighton 2:33.71; 5 Swanson, Curtis 2:36.91.

Event 4 Men 50 Yard Freestyle

1 Shipman, Matt 24.39; 5 Brown, Troy 27.69; 10 Cullen, Andrew 30.77; 11 Mack, Sam x30.78; 13 Eggert, Alexander x32.74.

Event 6 Varsity Men 100 Yard Butterfly

2 Swanson, Paul 1:04.28; 4 Swanson, Randy 1:05.09; 5 Cullen, Jayden x1:05.62.

Event 6 JV 100 Yard Butterfly

1 Hurley, Keeghan 54.60.

Event 7 Men 100 Yard Freestyle

1 Shipman, Matt 55.18; 4 Hofland, Chad 58.98; 5 Young, Joshua 59.00; 6 Brown, Troy x1:02.07; 8 Cullen, Andrew x1:09.58; 10 Mack, Sam x1:11.58.

Event 8 Men 500 Yard Freestyle

2 Sullivan, Ben 5:51.83; 3 Brown, Todd 6:10.14; 4 Siira, Jonathon 6:18.14; 6 Gray, Austin x6:42.17.

Event 9 Men 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

1 Perham Yellowjackets-A 1:50.41; 2 Perham Yellowjackets-B 1:52.87; 4 Perham Yellowjackets-C 2:07.99.

Event 10 Men 100 Yard Backstroke

1 Cullen, Jayden 1:04.61; 3 Swanson, Paul 1:06.40; 5 Thompson, Kevin 1:13.05; 6 Swanson, Curtis x1:14.64; 7 Covington, Leighton x1:16.44.

Event 11 Men 100 Yard Breaststroke

1 Langendorfer, Zach 1:07.91; 2 Murphy, Mark 1:16.31; 4 Young, Joshua 1:22.77; 5 Sullivan, Ben x1:26.58; 7 Eggert, Alexander x1:30.25.

Event 12 Men 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1 Perham Yellowjackets-A 3:48.92; 2 Perham Yellowjackets-B 4:01.84; 4 Perham Yellowjackets-C 4:15.47.

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