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A ‘thank you and good luck’ to Sailer

Reading the retirement notice of Fred Sailer brought back some 30-plus year memories for me.

Fred was my baseball coach from Babe Ruth through High School (age 13-18), and I could not have been more fortunate that he was. At a time in my life that was a little rough for many reasons, baseball was the ultimate getaway for me, and Fred was a huge part of my love for the game.

I don’t remember him ever saying a degrading word to his players, or being sarcastic, because when you played for Fred the game was taken serious. We had a lot of success in those years, not only because we had a very talented team, but also because we had a coach that could bring out the best in you – not only in baseball but all aspects of life.

Fred was always there if you needed to talk about something or if you needed a ride to a ball game.  All those years I played for him I’m sure I thanked him for many of the talks and rides, but I would like to thank him again for taking the time to be a great coach and a great friend (it meant a lot to me).

I have played a lot of baseball over the years. I’ve had some successful years and some not so successful. And although I have loved every minute of it, I can honestly say it is no coincidence that any team I have ever played for, I have measured against the high school team we had with Fred as head coach. Especially 1984 -- it was just something special. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have been a part of it.

I would like to thank Fred once again and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Thank you Fred!