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Turtle eggs everywhere...

With a continuous turtle egg hunt in Perham, the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce is promoting the town's mid-summer event all year long.

Since February, there have been five winners who have found the Perham Turtle Fest Eggs--and won $20 in Perham Bucks.

Eggs will be stashed around the community continuously.

There is currently one Turtle Fest Egg somewhere in Perham. It was hidden Friday, April 25.

The clue: It starts May 10th.

Following is a list of winners so far this year:

----Brad Woods of Perham found the egg April 16 at Mulligan's.

----Pam Werner of Perham found the egg at Gene's Sport Shop.

----Monte Anderson of Perham found the egg on April 3 in the cooler at the new Landmark Liquors location. He checked the website for clues.

----Julie Poore, Derrick Robinson (14 years old) and his friends found the egg in the window of The Pines on March 25. They spent the afternoon looking for the egg and had a wonderful time searching.

----Rayonna Sack (13 years old) of Perham found the egg at the Perham Area Trade Show held at the PACC Feb. 23.

----Nancy Kushinski from Marion Lake found her egg at the Perham Area Trade Show held at the PACC on Feb. 24.

All the winners received $20 in Perham Bucks.