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Valentine Royalty crowned at Perham Living

Connie Vandermay/FOCUS Roy Martin and Leona Matz are among the newly crowned Valentine's Day kings and queens of Perham Living. St. Henry's Area School kindergarten students Cole Reuter and Natalie Tusow helped present the crowns.1 / 3
Photos by Connie Vandermay/FOCUS Dollena Nundahl is crowned as a Valentine's Day queen at Perham Living, while her king John Knight cheers her on. Hidden from the camera are kindergarten students Payge Hendrickx and Dominick Hammers,of St. Henry's Area School, who presented the crowns.2 / 3
Marjorie Oelfke and Paul Grismer were among the newly crowned Valentine Royalty at Perham Living. Kindergarten students Morgan Smith and Neil Sautter also took part in the ceremony.3 / 3

Six residents representing each of Perham Living's houses were crowned as Valentine Royalty last week in a ceremony sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, local Court St. Rita.

The royalty were chosen by residents, staff and family. Entertainment and refreshments were provided.

Kindergarten students from St. Henry's Area School presented the crowns on heart-shaped pillows.

Dollena "Dolly" Nundahl was the queen from Prairie Knoll. Born on Oct. 28, 1927 in Frazee, Nundahl continues a very active lifestyle at Perham Living with bingo, Bible study, history trivia, 'You Be The Judge,' chimes, music and exercise group.

Her king was John Knight of Pine Harbor. Born on June 23, 1925, Knight formerly taught at Perham High School in industrial arts. He is also very active at Perham Living, participating in chair yoga, singing, trivia and the ROMEO club (which stands for Really Outrageous Men Eating Out).

Marjorie "Midge" Oelfke was the queen of Prairie Knoll. She was born on Jan. 25, 1922 in Frazee. Oelfke traveled throughout her life, and enjoys her time at Perham Living reminiscing, visiting, playing dice and bingo, and exercising.

Oelfke's king was Paul Grismer of Harvest Glen. Born on May 19, 1920, Grismer will celebrate his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife Linette this summer. Grismer enjoys exercising, attending parties and Friday afternoon happy hour at Perham Living.

Leona Matz was the queen of Timber Grove. Born on March 26, 1917 in Butler, Matz has attended St. John's Lutheran Church in Corliss all her life. At Perham Living, Matz enjoys faith activities, special music, happy hour and social time.

Her king was Roy Martin of Burlington. He was born on Sept. 9, 1919 at his family home in Pine Lake Township. Martin enjoys visiting with his wife Elsie, whom he married in 1943. He also enjoys music programs, exercising and watching old television shows.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is an organization that supports various community groups by holding events such as the crowning of Valentine Royalty. This ceremony has been held at Perham Living for more than 30 years.