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Walleye league week seven results

sports Perham,Minnesota 56573
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Walleye league week seven results
Perham Minnesota 222 2nd Avenue SE 56573

The Ottertail Area Walleye League fishes many of the area lakes around the Ottertail Area including: Ottertail, West Battle, Rush, Big Pine, Little Pine and many more.

League play is every Monday night from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. and its walleyes only. Catch and release is always encouraged.

The league consists of 10 teams of three people.

Week seven results (Ottertail Lake, June 28):

Merickel Lumber-12.30 lbs

Fishbusters - 3.88 lbs

Hoot's - 1.54 lbs

Fin Fanatics - 1.14 lbs

Hunters - 1.14 lbs

ACE - 1.08 lbs

BK Heating - 0.84 lbs

DR Boat Repair - 0 lbs

Splash - 0.0 lbs

Wild Nights - 0 lbs