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We'll take the penthouse nest, please

These ospreys have made their home in rural Ottertail on a pole put up by local power companies. The proud parents are raising two young ospreys this summer. Marie Nitke/FOCUS1 / 2
An osprey nest in Ottertail. Marie Nitke/FOCUS2 / 2

Workers with Lake Country Power and Lake Region Electric Cooperative have been putting up new nesting towers for ospreys in the east Otter Tail County area.

The tall, human-made nesting sites mimic the telephone poles and other tower structures that ospreys like to nest on - but without the danger.

The newest nesting tower made by the local power companies just went up a couple weeks ago along Highway 78 just north of Ottertail, but a few others have been put up over the last couple of years.

Ospreys are large raptors that can be more than two feet long and have wingspans of up to almost six feet. They mate for life, and breed primarily near freshwater lakes.