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What is your New Year's resolution?

"To eat healthier." Anna Meech, age 9, NY Mills1 / 9
"Be more respectful to my parents." Caitlyn Monson, age 14, Dent2 / 9
"To stop slapping my brother." Dalton Johnson, age 9, NY Mills3 / 9
"Get better grades." Eve Honer, age 13, Dent4 / 9
"To be nicer to everyone. I'm kind of crabby all the time." Mikaela Niemi, age 10, NY Mills5 / 9
"Give toys to other kids." Jane Gudmundson, age 8, NY Mills6 / 9
"To stop playing video games all the time and brush my teeth in the morning." Luke MacDonald, age 9, NY Mills7 / 9
"To help other families out." Teri Harthun, age 14, Dent8 / 9
"To try and help kids that are being mistreated; to try and get them in the cool group." Tristen Pedersen, age 14, Perham9 / 9

From the Focus Facebook page:

"To keep up with my studies and graduate this coming May."

-Cindy Brown Doll

"I'd like to go to New York City to see sights around the city. I'd like to go to the 9/11 museum."

-Ry-man Andrew Schattschneider

"Finally get around to last year's resolution to quit procrastinating. Starts next week. I


-Tony Doll

"To lose weight."

-Kayla Jahnke

"To be more prayerful and thankful to my God, to work out more consistently, eat my vegetables and more fruit."

-Renee Doll

"To get more hunting and fishing in this year!!"

-Amanda Gruman

"Avoid higher taxes.

Ha ha."

-Jeff Guck